How does work the technology (torture) that is slowly killing millions of innocent citizens around the world? yes, I’m talking about TARGETED INDIVIDUALS.

There are constant breaks between torture sessions so that the victim doesn’t begin to ‘Habitualize’ to the pain, meaning so the pain level and pain threshold of the targeted individual does not also increase so that the pain becomes more bearable. So, to prevent an increase in the pain threshold of the target they give the target periodic breaks between torture sessions. They are not using a mouse or a screen. They are using two interfaces against you and all TI’S: a brain to computer interface and an electronic brain to brain interface. You have been ‘CLONED’ to a supercomputer and to the DIA operator/behavioral scientist who is monitoring you, known as handlers. There are usually four to six of these because they work in shifts. Once the handler places the electronic helmet on his head and achieves Integration Completion with the targets brain, then there is at that moment an remote tie between the brain of the handler and your brain. They can see through your eyes. They can hear through your ears. They can feel what you feel, both physically and psychologically, etc. They can literally read your mind and hear your thoughts at speed of light (energy travels at speed of light) in ‘Real Time’ as you are thinking them. Then they will constantly inject, using a continuous remotely applied stream of directed electromagnetic energy, which is specifically tuned to your unique brain wave frequency known as your ‘Specific Residence Frequency’ various thoughts, emotions, memories, aromas, images, etc. because it is a fabricated and falsified stream of electromagnetic energy designed to mimic the normal electromagnetic emissions of your brain. The torture is absolutely necessary in order to map out you brain by remotely measuring your responses over a long period of time and then integrating those response statistics into RNM data they can use on you in the future for the purpose of Remote Neural Manipulation of your mind. There is no mouse or computer screen. It is an electronic brain to brain interface using similar technology like that which is used by pilots of the new stealth F-35 fighter which is controlled by the pilots thoughts, not manually. They can manually override if necessary and inject whenever they wish. No, just like the F-35, the trigger is their thoughts and the targeting camera is their eyes. If they think ‘burn his left arm’ then your let arm will burn, etc. Trauma Based Mind Control cannot exist without extreme trauma and pain.


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